10 Feb 2021

My Favorite Plants!

New to the world of plants, Sachi picks her favorites!

18 Feb 2021

My Mom's Experience At The Production House

What happened when Chadani brought her mom to the Production

05 Feb 2021

Showing You How Plants Bring Joy!

Chadani shares our digital marketing team's approach

01 Feb 2021

The Biggest Plant Lover I Know!

Sachi talks of her father's love for plants and how it is impacting her.

20 Jan 2021

Weirdly I Am Into Plants Now!

Read about Chadani's experience of turning into a plant lover!

20 Jan 2021

A First-Time Plant Parent!

Sachi shares her experience of being a first time plant parent.

24 Feb 2021

Gifting a plant for a special person

Sachi shares a joyful moment about her friend gifting a plant to her grandmother