Pilea Glaucophylla Greyzy

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  • Want that picturesque balcony with green little baskets of happiness? Then pilea glaucophylla greyzy is your plant to go to. These silver sparkly leafed plants have hundreds of cascading gray leaves which makes it one of the best plants to hang in your modern balcony garden.

    NRS 350

    Plant care


    Prefer bright indirect light but will also grow well in the shady position.


    Keep the soil consistently moist during summer but make sure the soil is not waterlogged. In the winter reduce the water and allow the soil to begin to dry out between waterings.


    Free draining soil mix is best suited for this plant.


    Use a general-purpose liquid houseplant fertilizer diluted to half the recommended strength once a  month during the spring and summer. 


    Prefers higher humidity of about 50-70%.