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Aeonium (Kiwi)

Aeonium (Kiwi)

Category: Cacti & Succulents

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    • NPR 500
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Pot Size: 9cm

She has the courage to honour the truth in her heart!

If you are into succulents, Aeonium Kiwi is just right for you! A stunning tri-color succulent, this gorgeous is sure to win your heart. It grows spoon-shaped leaves- yellow in the centre with gradually green leaves that form breathtaking rosettes. Direct sunlight may form reddish or pink tips. 

Plant Care:

Water: Keep soil moist but also make sure to let the soil dry between the watering. 

Soil: Rich potting mix that offers superior draining and aerating capabilities.

Sunlight: Full to partial direct or indirect sunlight

Fertilizer: Half-strength liquid fertilizer monthly during the growing season

Humidity: Thrives in high humidity.