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Calathea Lancifolia

Calathea Lancifolia

Category: Indoor Plants

Tag: New Arrival, Special Occasions, House Office Warming, Achievements

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Pot Size: 12cm

Well, we wouldn't mind bringing this rattlesnake to our homes! The Calathea Lancifoila also known as the rattlesnake plant is an indoor plant that is characterized by its magnificent dark green leaves. If you're on the hunt to bring the wild home, then this plant is the right fit for you! 

Plant Care

Light: Medium to bright indirect light

Water: Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing soil to dry out half way down between waterings

Soil:  Use well-draining and fertile soil (can be prepared by mixing cocopeats,

vermicompost, vermiculite and perlite in an equal ratio)

Fertilizer: Fertilize monthly with a well-balanced standard fertilizer.

Humidity: Normal room humidity (15C-23C)