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Echeveria mix (9cm)

Echeveria mix (9cm)

Category: Cacti & Succulents

Tag: New Arrival, Birthdays

    • NPR 450
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Pot Size: 9cm

Height: 10cm

We have come up with this cheerful assorted pack of Echeveria just for you to enjoy in your homes. This mix features our cute little compact succulents that are one of the easiest plants to take care of. Hurry up and decorate your spaces with our echeveria collection.

 Plant Care

Light: Thrives in full-direct sunlight

Water: Allow the soil to be dry before watering

Soil: Needs a well-drained and fertile succulent mix

Fertilizer: Fertilize with a general liquid solution. Dilute the mixture to one-third to one-half the solution recommended on the container.

Humidity: Prefers average humidity (18ºC – 21ºC).