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Bamboo Palm

Bamboo Palm

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    • NPR 1500
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Pot Size: Growing Pot 21 cm

Height: 3ft

Are you looking for a dose of greenery in your space? The Bamboo Palm might answer your callings. It is a great tropical indoor plant characterized by its deep shade of green leaves that bring an aesthetic touch to any surrounding. They have excellent shade tolerance and are recognized for their air-purifying qualities making it one of the most popular indoor plants!


Plant Care

Light: Thrives in bright indirect light 

Water: Let the soil be just moist but remember to dry out between waterings

Soil: Need a good potting soil that drains quickly

Fertilizer: Feed monthly with an organic fertilizer. Fertilizers are not recommended if the plant shows no active growth

Humidity: Likes high humidity but can still survive in household humidity (18.3°-26.7°C)