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Dracaena Frag(Yellow coast)

Dracaena Frag(Yellow coast)

Category: Indoor Plants

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    • NPR 1750
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Pot Size: 11cm

She lets her actions do all the talking!

Looking for a plant that is hardy, low maintenance, well this dracaena variety manages to check everything out from the list. With its slender dark red-burgundy edged leaves and its tough nature, it is considered as an ideal plant. If treated well this plant can reward with lush greenery and long life.

Plant care 

Light: : Thrives well in medium light

Water: Water the plant when the Soil is a few inches dry from the surface

Soil: Needs to be well drained and fertile. Soil can be prepared using a mixture of cocopeats, normal garden Soil, vermiculite, perlite and compost in an equal proportion.

Fertilizer: Dracaenas should be fertilized with a water-soluble commercial houseplant fertilizer. Look for a fertilizer with a nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium ratio of 3:1:2 plus traces of zinc, sodium, manganese, copper and iron.

Humidity: Prefers average humidity