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Syngonium Mangolia Allusion

Syngonium Mangolia Allusion

Category: Indoor Plants

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Native to South America, Syngonium Mango Allusion is a trailing houseplant for hanging baskets and wall pots, terrariums, and a perfect easy to care houseplant. Known as Arrowhead Vine, its green leaves are wide and creased in a heart shape with a rich pinkish bronze with shining peach and pale violet veins in the center. This peach-pink color starts to get even stronger in the mature plants.

Plant care


Medium to low light settings, bright but indirect light.


Frequently during the growing season but keep the soil mix slightly moist.


Rich potting mix that offers superior draining and aerating capabilities. 


Balanced liquid houseplant fertilizer.


Prefers to stay in warm and humid conditions.