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Tiger Jaw

Tiger Jaw

Category: Cacti & Succulents

Tag: New Arrival

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Pot Size: 9cm

Make sure it doesn't bite you! Known as Shark Jaws, Tiger Jaw Succulent are Mesembs, (a type of species that resemble stones or pebbles), that looks more like small animal jaws. Known for growing very slowly they can be found growing clusters of stemless but star-shaped rosettes amongst rocks and clay soil. Their leaves are fleshy, triangular shaped and light green in color and those leaves are surrounded by ten white, straight, tooth-like serrations that look like a tiger or shark’s mouth.

Plant Care Tips:

Water: Frequently during the growth period 

Soil: Porous and well-draining soil

Sunlight: At least three hours of bright sunny light to bloom

Fertilizer: Diluted liquid fertilizer once or twice 

Humidity: Temperatures of 69 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (growth period), temperature of  60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit (Winter)