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Mini Green House

Mini Green House

Category: Accessories

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    • NPR 14000
    • (Including Tax)

Take your garden to the next level with a Greenhouse!It is suitable for use along decks, patios or in small gardens. With ample protection from extreme or inclement weather conditions, it is also effective in keeping out the usual suspects of bugs, insects, birds from your cherished green patch. The retained radiated heat within the Greenhouse provides a natural source of heating for your greens, enabling them to grow better for a fruitful harvest anytime of the year. Made from a durable and removable PE cover, this Greenhouse comes with all the necessary fittings and accessories for a hassle-free set up.


  1. Roll-up zipper door
  2.  Four plant shelves
  3. Removable PE cover
  4. Straps design
  5. Easy installation
  6. No tools needed