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Flowering Cactus

Flowering Cactus

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Pot Size: 5cm

She is the strongest person you know! As long as she’s around there’s love and there’s hope!

The flowering cactus is one of the most beautiful mammillarias. It is an exception from the general rule that the red-flowered cactus of this genus do not bloom until they are several years old. It produces a profusion of deep carmine-red flowers while still quite young and small.

Plant Care:


Mammillaria thrives well in bright indirect light. Direct sunlight can be fine.


Follow drying out in between watering. Excess water can be detrimental.


The Soil need to be fertile and well drained where there is no water logging. Fertile soil rich in humus can be prepared.


Fertilize Mamillaria in every two to four weeks during spring and summer. Use a general purpose liquid houseplant fertilizer, but dilute the mixture to one-third to one-half the solution recommended on the container. Withhold fertilizer during the fall and winter months.