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Anthurium Orange Champion

Anthurium Orange Champion

Category: Indoor Flowering Plants

Tag: New Arrival, Weddings, Achievements, Anniversaries

    • NPR 1625
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Pot Size: 9cm

Height: 25cm

Well, look what we have here! The color of vitality and good health, the orange champion features vibrant glossy orange flowers that are  ideal for indoor planting, containers and shaded areas outdoors. With the attributes of the air-purifying qualities, this is the plant to get !

Plant Care Tips

Light: Flourishes in bright but indirect sunlight

Water: Allow the soil to dry out between watering

Soil: Can be prepared by mixing cocopeat, vermicompost, vermiculite, and perlite in an equal ratio

Fertilizer: To get the best blooms, use a fertilizer that has a higher phosphorus number

Humidity: Prefers high humidity (23.9°C-29.4°C)