A First-Time Plant Parent!


I received my first ever plant as a birthday gift from my team here at I am The Gardener. It was a beautiful peace lily wrapped in brown Nepali paper. It even had a little birthday note from my team, which instantly warmed my heart. I was quick to unwrap it and there she was on full display with a few blooms and her beautiful green foliage on show. I was beyond happy!

Since it was my first plant that I was solely responsible for, I was overjoyed by the thought of looking after it. Although to be honest, I was also a bit worried about whether I had the ability to keep this plant alive or not. I made it my duty to take care of this plant and not mess it up. I vowed to do my best to keep this plant alive and well! On the day of receiving my first ever peace lily, I kept on staring at it and observing its details. 

The beauty of this plant needs no explanation with its white blooms all wrapped up in green glossy foliage. I was already head over heels in love with it. I went on full research mode as I searched online for what was best for the plant. Looking at what is the best placement, what lighting suits best, soil, water and all other requirements for it’s flourishing! In the next few days, I constantly spent time searching websites for information and observing the plant care tips of this beauty. 

After a week had passed, I was doing my daily chore of cleaning my room and from the corner of my eye I saw a new bloom in the plant. I was so excited that I dropped all my cleaning tools and started taking pictures of the plant. I couldn't stop! As days and weeks passed, I could see more and more blooms on my plant. Not realizing I was slowly turning into a typical plant mom, my phone’s photo album only consisted of all the plant progress and the blooms it had made so far. Seeing the immense amount of joy a single bloom brought me was when I truly realized how much joy plants bring to our lives!



About the writer:

Sachi Gurung works as a Digital Marketing Executive at Iam The Gardener. She’s a feisty Sagittarius who loves to eat and have quality conversations with her pals. She’s also an avid book lover with the curious mind to explore new things.

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