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Gifts for different Occasions

Are you looking for something meaningful to gift your loved ones? With a selection of the finest plants for every possible occasion, we have got you covered! Plants make the most meaningful of gifts. These plants are special in that they add a whole lot of personal touch, beautify space, release stress and have great environmental value! What’s more, you are giving your loved ones something that will remind them of you everyday! We offer post purchase plant care support to ensure your loved ones can fully enjoy your gift without any problems when taking care of the plants. .

If you ask us, we’d say you don’t need a special occasion to buy plants because plants bring joy! But we do have a selection of the finest plants for you to choose from depending on the occasion you’re celebrating:

  • Birthdays : :

    Plants to remind your loved ones you cherish their existence.

  • House/Office warming : :

    Plants to add a touch of beauty and warmth to your loved one's new space.

  • Anniversaries : :

    Plant to mark the welcoming of another special year for your loved ones.

  • Weddings : :

    Plant to symbolize the beginning of a prosperous new journey for your loved ones.

  • Achievements : :

    Plant to mark special milestones in your loved one's lives.

  • Special Occasions : :

    Plant to show you care on special occasions like Father's Day, Mother's Day, and Valentine's Day.

Tell us the occasion. We’ll recommend the best plants. Make your choice. We’ll take care of the delivery and post purchase plant care support!