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Plant Consultation

Our plant consultation service helps clients make the best use of available area and turn it into beautiful green spaces.




Do you have space in your home or office that you would like to beautify? Whether you are looking to decorate your indoor space, terrace or garden, our plant consultation service helps you make the best use of available area and turn it into beautiful green spaces.

Our Plant Consultation Projects

Rumi’s Bistro

With Rumi’s Bistro, we tried exploring: in what ways can plants improve an existing ambience? Our effort was directed toward making the restaurant more vibrant with greenery from a selection of plants that were the best fit.

The Eye

Complementing the designs of architect Inyigo Ardanaz, we helped cultivate a vertical garden extending from the 1st floor to the 3rd. All our efforts were directed toward ensuring that 'The Eye' building maintained its purpose of remaining an eco-friendly space.


Our work at Lakuri was two-fold: adding greenery to the existing space through fruit trees and ornamental plants and secondly, to enhance the look and feel of the space by complementing the designs of architect Inyigo Ardanaz.

Tribhuvan International Airport

In collaboration with Visit Nepal 2020, we helped beautify Tribhuvan International Airport via landscaping and construction of green wall. Our underlying philosophy was to make the airport appealing to the tourists since it is the first experience they have of Nepal right after their arrival.