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Outlet :

As a responsible brand looking to uplift the standards of the horticulture industry in Nepal, we are always on the look out for ways to grow and improve. Keeping our larger mission of connecting more plant growers with buyers, we have expanded our services to different outlets in the valley to meet your needs for indoor plants as well as outdoor plants:


Initially, we had planned to operate as a fully ecommerce business that only sells plants online. But our experience in the Flora Expo in 2016 made us realize that plant buyers look forward to visiting physical outlets to get a look and feel of the plants before buying. Learning from that experience, we decided to open our first garden center in Dhumbarahi for plant lovers to have easy access to our plant collection. We have recently shifted this outlet to Mandikatar, which now serves both as an outlet as well as our production house.


Sister concern of I am The Gardener, Khadka Nursery has been attracting plant lovers to its Chakrapath outlet for over 25 years now. Encouraged by the in-flow of regular customers, we wanted to know what might happen if we introduced these plant lovers to innovation in horticulture: mainly through new plants and new ways of gardening. We have been encouraged by the response so far in our outlet there as old- time floriculture enthusiasts have opened their hearts to our innovation.

Labim Mall, Lalitpur

A widely popular mall in town, Labim Mall attracts people from all walks of life. After receiving numerous requests from our online customers to open an outlet around Lalitpur area, Labim Mall was a no-brainer for us to expand our reach to make it convenient for people from Lalitpur area to enjoy plants without having to commute all the way to Kathmandu. We are currently in the process of expanding our outlets: one in Jhamsikhel and the other one in Bhaktapur. We are hopeful that the addition of these two new outlets will add value to the lives of plant lovers residing in these areas.

Kalanki Bhatbhateni

We have opened our latest outlet at Kalanki Bhatbhateni. Through this outlet, we hope to cater to the needs of customers who might have otherwise found it difficult to access our other existing outlets. Now you can enjoy shopping for plants along with buying other things when at Bhatbhateni

Big Mart, Gyaneshwor

Our latest outlet is now at Big Mart, Gyaneshwor. One of the biggest retail chains in Nepal, Big Mart has been a go-to brand for people. Our presence at Big Mart will provide ease of access for our customers who prefer plants shopping in-person rather than ordering online. Walk in after you’re done grocery shopping or simply drop-by just for the look and feel of the best plants available! Our Gyaneshwor outlet provides you easier access to a wider variety of plants available.

Big Mart, Bhaisepati

Wanting to provide access to our plants for the increasing number of urban dwellers in the area, we’ve opened our latest outlet at Big Mart, Bhaisepati. Now plant lovers don’t have to commute all the way to the other side of the city for access to the best quality plants. If you’re either living in Bhaisepati or spending some time there over the weekend, drop by!