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Plants Bring Joy, that is precisely why we are committed to bridging the gap between plant growers and buyers.

How plants bring joy to buyers

  • Joy that comes from nurturing a living being:

    Growing a plant is a lot like raising a pet; just that perhaps, plants are a little less demanding! Choosing to grow a living plant means dedicating oneself to become fully responsible for nourishing it with necessary care. There’s so much of joy to be felt when we see something grow right in front of us. Plants are no exception. Cultivating the hobby of digging in the dirt and growing living plants can be therapeutic as it can help us stay grounded and kill off our daily stress.

  • Joy that comes from beautifying home and office:

    We spend majority of our waking hours either at home or in the office. With ever shrinking urban space and frenetic pace of modern life, plants add much needed sense of connectedness with our natural surroundings. Whether on the office shelf or in the living room table, plants add spark to home and office décor. Additionally, plants help reduce stress and increase productivity. There’s so much of joy to be found at the sight of beautiful plants in the spaces we live and work!

  • Joy that comes from authentic self-expression:

    Gift giving is one of many ways through which we express our love and admiration to others. But many a times, it is hard to choose a gift that proves meaningful for the ones receiving. Rather than gifting an inanimate object, choosing to gift a living plant on special occasions can be a much more meaningful way of expressing what the other person means to us. Different plants can help symbolize what our relationships stand for. Through plants, we communicate integral life values of hard work, patience, growth, and determination. Additionally, gifting a plant to oneself and to others can also be a way of affirming our commitment to doing our small part in making the planet healthy and beautiful again.

How plants bring joy to our growers

  • Joy that comes from familial creative pursuit:

    Overseeing the growth of a living plant isn’t easy: you need incredible patience, an eye for detail and there is always the element of stressing over the weather with the hope that plants can grow to their full potential. What makes such pursuit worthwhile is the fact that plant growers are doing it together with and for their family. Joyful feelings arise when growers can look forward to giving more of their time, energy, and effort in the hopes that all this striving can lead to a better future for their families.

  • Joy that comes from public recognition:

    It is always a joyful feeling when there is demand and appreciation for the kind of work one is involved in. Plant growers are no exception. With the advent of social media, plant enthusiasts are exposed to a wide variety of plants- both indoors and outdoors. As a result, the general public has higher expectations from plant growers. This has prompted growers to improve on both the quality as well as variety of plants for buyers to choose and pick from. When supply meets demand, there’s joy to be cherished for plant growers who can feel a sense of recognition for their time and effort.

  • Joy that comes from taking care of the planet:

    Connecting one’s daily task with a bigger purpose is what gives meaning to life. For plant growers, a big part of meaning on the job comes from knowing that the effort put in to grow living plants is fundamental to the health of the planet. Imagine a world without plants! There’s joy to be found for growers in realizing that their efforts aren’t just transactional in nature, but rather essential for the well-being of generations to come. How plants bring joy to our team.

How plants bring joy to team

  • Joy that comes from meaningful work:

    At I am The Gardener we don’t just sell plants. We spread joy by bring together plant growers and buyers. We are committed to uplifting the face of the horticulture industry in Nepal. Being a part of our team means experiencing the joy of collaborating to genuinely contribute to a healthy and sustainable planet.

  • Joy that comes from natural ambience:

    Being around plants lifts up people’s mood. Whether it is in our garden center or our stalls all over the valley, there’s joy for our team in working from a natural and uplifting ambience.

  • Joy that comes from learning life-lessons:

    The day in, day out experience of watching over the growth of a plant is a joyful experience because we learn so much about our own lives in the process. Plants teach us valuable life lessons of growth, patience, and persistence.

Show you care. Spread joy to the ones you love and appreciate!

  • House/Office warming

    A plant to add a touch of beauty and warmth to your loved one’s new home/office!

  • Birthdays

    A plant to remind your loved ones you wish for them to grow into a better version of themselves with each passing day!

  • Special Occasion

    A plant to show you care about your loved ones on special days like Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day!

  • Anniversary

    A plant to celebrate the welcoming of another special year for your special ones!

  • Token of love/appreciation

    A plant to honor your guests for gracing your event with their valuable presence!

You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy growing a plant. You don’t even need to be a plant fanatic.

All you need is to give yourself your first experience of what it’s like to care for a plant: just one plant! Cultivate a new hobby. See what it feels like to care for a living being. You might just feel good about yourself! Bonus point for contributing to the health of this planet!