Plants I Want to Add to My Collection!

Unlike my mom who has to be the craziest plant lover I know, I never felt any craze for plants. I wondered what’s so good about plants that my mom gets so excited? Even though I am still not that big of a plant lover as my mom, I have developed some interest in plants after working here at I Am The Gardener for six months now. Whereas before I did not even care to learn about the plants at my house, but now I make an effort to stroll around my garden or any surroundings and try to learn about them and guess their names if they look familiar to me.

Yes, I am weirdly into plants now! This is strange but I am going to share some of the beautiful plants that caught my attention and that I am eagerly wanting to add to my collection.

Let’s start with the Calathea varieties, shall we? Initially, I could not catch up with the Calathea varieties because it confused me a lot. But once I got to know each of the plants in the family, two of the plants that stood out for me were the Calathea Flamestar and Calathea Leopardina. The name and the color combination of the Calathea Flamestar reminded me of a fierce lioness! The hallmark of this beauty is the unique color combination of rich green foliage with yellow and brown markings. She is sure to rule the world of plants if added to the collection. Of course, our Calathea Leopardina is no less! The name reminds us of a leopard but, the light green foliage with dark green strips of this beauty also makes it a bold creature. It is sure to add elegance and give an aesthetic touch to any dull space. Also, its air purifying properties makes it a perfect houseplant that can be placed in the bedrooms and living rooms. Also, the attractive thing about these plants is their ability to move their leaves throughout the day as if they are dancing. Well, I found that they move their leaves to follow the sun's movement in the sky to maximize light absorption.

Another plant that I want to add to my collection is the Neon Pothos. Among all the varieties of Pothos, Neon Pothos stole my heart. The neon color itself was very attractive to me. Letting those glossy neon heart-shaped leaves trail on a white wall would be a magical sight to see. Also, the great thing about this plant is that it's low maintenance and easy to care for!

My collection would not be complete without the presence of the gorgeous Anthurium Black Love. I was introduced to this plant as one of the rarest gems in the family of Anthuriums, and I could not deny that! My very first meeting with this beauty was back in November 2020, when I witnessed the imports for the first time. I had seen pictures of this plant before, but the in-person meet was really exciting. Getting to witness those glossy black-brownish leaves with oval-rectangular-shaped blooms was a blessing to me!

I have also fallen in love with our very own Peperomia Argeriya. The fact that the leaves of this plant resemble watermelon is what attracted me. The greyish foliages with dark green stripes remind us of the mini watermelons ready for harvesting! Another thing that attracted me was that one small Peperomia Argeriya consisted of ten-twelve leaves giving them a bushy rosette appearance. So this makes them a perfect ornamental piece for brightening up any dull spaces!

How can I forget my love, Fiddle Leaf? Other than palms, I didn’t know about houseplants that can grow tall, like very tall! This is one of the reasons why I was attracted to Fiddle Leaf. Their broad green leaves with veins and their size stole my heart! In one of the youtube videos I was watching, even though this plant was in the background, it stood out to me. So you know, Fiddle leaf finds its ways to grab the attention of rookie plant lovers like me.

Lastly, of course, the ZZ plant for sure! The first time I heard about this plant was from my supervisor. Whenever we discussed plants, I noticed him talking about this very plant a few times. I got to know more about this plant when we were making a video about it for our Valentine’s Day campaign. The long stem with several oval-shaped, dark glossy leaves made me want to own this plant. Also, the fact that the low maintenance and easy-to-care properties of this plant make it even better!

Till today plants like Calathea Flamestar, Calathea Leopardina, Neon Pothos, Anthurium Black Love, Peperomia Argeriya, Fiddle Leaf, and ZZ have become my favorites. But I am yet to meet other unknown varieties, and who knows, my preference might change once I discover those plants! 


About the writer:

Chadani Satyal is a Digital Marketing Executive at I am The Gardener. She loves to sing and has recently started learning to play Ukulele. She’s probably the most entertaining person you’ll come across!

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