Showing You How Plants Bring Joy!

The best part about working in a digital field is bringing in creative ideas and playing with them. Since I work as a Digital Marketing Executive for I Am The Gardener, my primary task is to work on brand awareness along with promoting varieties of plants. Since people today are exposed to numerous brand choices, it's very hard to earn their loyalty. Now that everything is digital, many plant nurseries are now on social media promoting themselves in the best way possible. We are no different.

Immediately after me and my colleague were hired, we were asked to pitch in some creative ideas to change the content for our Instagram feed. Since then, we have been experimenting with the most random ideas to bring the best content for our audience. In the initial days, we wanted to work with our brand elements, one of them being the brand colors: Orange, Green, and White on the posts. We used to divide the post into three parts, all of which included an orange, white, and green post. For the entertainment purposes of our audience, orange posts were assigned for plant games which included crosswords and plant quizzes. The white posts were for product posts and their information. The green post was solely for plants in their natural habitat. In this section, we also provided weekly care tips videos about various plants. We worked on this for quite some time and honestly, the feed looked clean. Maintaining feed was one of our main objectives and achieving this was a very joyful experience for us.

Currently, however, we have moved away from what we used to do. We have recently been experimenting again and so, have changed our feed completely. This time we wanted to bring in more natural and human elements into the feed to create a more humane connection with our audiences. This experiment in particular has been my favorite so far. Why? Just have a look at our feed once. How aesthetically pleasing it is to the eyes!

For bringing in more natural elements, we have started to add props in the photos. During the shoot days, me and my teammates gather at our Mandikhatar outlet (Production house). All of us bring different sorts of props to complement the plants that we choose for the shoots. We like to add props because this gives the audience a basic idea of how the plants can be placed in the room. For example, you can find a Ukulele and books complementing an English Ivy, Cactus, and Haworthia on our page. On the other hand, we wanted to add human elements to the photos so that our audience could feel more connected with the plants. From the human elements, we also want to express the feeling of joy that one gets from holding plants, being surrounded by them, or appreciating their presence.

This experimentation is going good so far and I look forward to experimenting with other creative ideas in the future as well. To witness that, stay tuned to our Instagram page!

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