Talking to Plants!

Do you talk to plants? Is it weird? Well, I do.  After all, they are like our kids or let’s say companions for life right? 

Many say that talking to plants helps them grow because it is believed they respond to the vibration. Also, some believe talking to plants may stimulate growth because of the carbon dioxide produced when people exhale as they speak. In a study performed by the Royal Horticultural Society, it was discovered that talking to plants can really help them grow faster. In the same research, it was found that plants grew faster to the sound of a female voice than to the sound of a male voice. The plants that were attached to female voices grew an average of an inch taller than those attached to a male voice. 

In my experience as a plant parent, I noticed myself talking to my very first plant (Neon Pothos) every morning. I didn’t just talk to my plant to stimulate growth, but I genuinely wanted to have a conversation with it. I felt a connection with it and felt like I have a companion who actually listens to me. My conversation mostly involved: “You’re so cute! When will you grow? Looks like you need some water? Are you getting enough sunlight? Should I introduce you to other plants?” Funny thing is, even though plants don’t talk, they also converse by giving signs to us. For instance, their leaves turning brown or yellow means they are asking us to help them revive from watering or sunlight conditions. 

Once you become a plant parent you start valuing the emotional bond with your plants. Maybe that's why you start talking to them just like you’d do with your babies or pets. You get this sense of responsibility for growing them and feel connected to them. At I am The Gardener, we believe in the idea of #plantsbringjoy and talking to plants indeed brings a lot of joy and a sense of relaxation in me! Every time I am stressed out, I look out for my plant and I check up on it!. I believe talking to plants is as important as meeting water, fertilizer, and sunlight requirements as it’s also a form of nurturing and showing affection. After all, the more you love, the more they thrive and bless you with healthy blooms! 

Next time someone makes fun of you for talking to your plants, ask them what’s so unusual about it! People should know that Plant Talk is actually a thing and there’s nothing weird about it. So feel free to have a great conversation with your plants and build that emotional bond with them! 

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Until then, happy gardening! 

About the writer:

Chadani Satyal is a Digital Marketing Executive at I Am The Gardener. She loves to sing and has recently started learning to play Ukulele. She’s probably the most entertaining person you’ll come across!

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