The Biggest Plant Lover I Know!

If you ask me who is the biggest plant lover I know, without even a slight hesitation in my answer, I will reply that it is my father. Why do you ask? Well, take a peek at our house. You will know for yourselves. 

Upon entering our house be prepared for some plant action! We have an assorted pack of vegetables, fruits, flowering, and green plants. The main person behind all these plants is my dad! He keeps his plants in three main locations. One is in our lawn, the rooftop, and in a separate building where he has built a greenhouse, his most prized possession. Each location has a specific purpose. The lawn is where he keeps his big plants, avocado trees, and palms. The rooftop is designated for vegetable gardening and the greenhouse is where he keeps his produce, mostly tomatoes and spinach which he wants to grow all year round. 

Each morning he spends about 15 minutes with his plants to see if they all are doing well. Even in his free time, you can always find him in the gardens. He’s always busy repotting, pruning, or grafting his plants. Whenever a new plant grows, he’s the first one up, camera-ready by his side to share the joys of his efforts. This one time we were greeted with a big guava fruit. Seeing all the compliments he got from our family made him so happy. He was extra proud since he was solely responsible for the plant! 

I feel like there is nothing my dad doesn't know about when talking about plants, whether it be the new fertilizer or a new soil that has come up in the market, he's the first one to get his hands on it!  He also has a curious mind and is always on the lookout for new things plant related. He can do hours of research on what's new in the plant community, seeing new plant growing methods and whatnot. 

His love for plants has also rubbed off on me, as I also enjoy my time gardening. The father-daughter duo loves to spend quality time by watering or repotting the plants. Many of our neighbors have also complimented our house for its greenery and beauty.

My father’s love for plants was one of the major reasons why I applied to I am The Gardener. Working here has made me understand the value of plants and how they can bring joy. Seeing the customers happy when they receive their plants and get excited when they get their delivery makes me happy!

I have realized what our brand means when we say Plants bring joy. I see it in the thank you messages our customers send, in my coworkers’ eyes when we’re working around plants and especially in my dad's face when he is tending to his plants. I will forever be thankful to I am The Gardener for giving me the opportunity to work with plants and my father, the original plant lover, for introducing me to the beauty of plants in the first place.


About the writer:

Sachi Gurung works as a Digital Marketing Executive at Iam The Gardener. She’s a feisty Sagittarius who loves to eat and have quality conversations with her pals. She’s also an avid book lover with the curious mind to explore new things.

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