Cobweb Succulent

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  • The Cobweb succulent often referred to as “Hens and Chicks” is an evergreen perennial and practically an indestructible plant. Visually distinctive, the plant produces green rosettes with white cobweb-like hairs at the top. The hair surrounding the plant is in fact a protective layer covering for droughts! They are very low maintenance and easy to care for making it a perfect gift for your lazy friends!

    NRS 250

    Plant care


    Thrives in  full sun but can survive well in partial lighting. 


    Water only when the soil dries out.


    Soil should be fertile, well drained. Soil can easily be prepared by mixing cocopeats, perlite/sand and organic matter.


    Use an all-purpose liquid houseplant fertilizer.


    Does well in normal humidity.