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Fiddle Leaf Fig

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  • The Fiddle Leaf Fig or Ficus lyrata is a species of fig tree native to the lowland tropics of western Africa. This plant is famous for its broad, vibrant green leaves with prominent veining.It is not bushy, making it a beautiful interior design addition for a brightly lit corner or cozy nook in your home. 

    NRS 1600

    Plant Care


    Fiddle leaf loves bright light,directly in front of, or close by a southern or western facing window is ideal, and eastern exposure can also work as long as the plant is directly in the window. If placed in a full-sun location (where the plant will receive over 6 hours of direct light daily), a humid environment will keep your Fiddle Leaf looking its best.This plant will not tolerate the low light.


    Fiddle Leaf Fig trees prefer moderately moist soil. Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing soil to dry out between waterings. Increase frequency with increased light. This plant is sensitive to over-watering and susceptible to root rot.


    Fiddle leaf figs thrive with the right type of nutrition. The best nutrition for the fiddle leaf fig is to give balance fertilizer, NPK 20:20:20. This formulation of plant food allows the fiddle leaf fig to sustain its existing leaves and grow new ones. Because this formula is focused on growth, only feed during the growing season (not in winter) so that you do not overstimulate your plant when it‚ dormant. During the winter, simply water normally and skip the fertilizer.