Calathea Compact Star

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  • The Calathea Compact star also named as the living plant is characterized by its wide and colorful leaves. This tropical beauty is known for its rhythmic movements; hence, it is referred as “living plant.” It fits perfectly in shady places that don’t have indirect sunlight making it perfect to spruce up any warm spaces. A great addition for a decorative and air-purifying piece!

    NRS 600

    Plant care


    Partial shade to indirect sunlight.


    Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing soil to dry out half way down between waterings.


    Use well-draining and fertile soil (can be prepared by mixing cocopeats,vermicompost, vermiculite and perlite in an equal ratio).


    Fertilize monthly with a well-balanced standard fertilizer.


    Normal room humidity (15C-23C).