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  • The Bougainvillea plants are categorized as tropical ornamental vine-like shrubs. They are found in bursts of colors; ranging from reds, pink, white, yellow, purple and magenta. Bougainvillea’s were mostly seen as decorative additions to gardens but now are being quickly popular as potted  indoor houseplants!

    NRS 300

    Plant care


    Needs bright full sun for at least 5-6 hours every day in order to bloom.


    Let the soil of the bougainvilleas dry out completely, then tend to watering. 


    Bougainvillea Plants need a loamy soil and require organic mix potting.


    Fertilize monthly when the plant is in bloom with a special bougainvillea or hibiscus plant food high in iron and micronutrients.


    Thrives in  high humidity.