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Strings Of Heart

Strings Of Heart

Category: Hanging Plants

Tag: New items, Special Occasions

    • NPR 550
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Pot size: 5cm

Chain of hearts is all you need to enhance the beauty of your garden. Native to South Africa, String of Heart, also known as Ceropegia woodii, is a gorgeous succulent plant characterized by its cascading vines with heart shaped leaves. Also known as Rosary Vine and Sweetheart Vine, String of Hearts have delicate heart-shaped foliage and  have vines that can reach up to 12-inch-long in its natural environment.

Type of plant: Indoor/outdoor

Water: Frequently during the growing season 

Soil:  A good, organic succulent & cactus mix is best for this plant

Sunlight: Bright but indirect light

Fertilizer: Dilute solution of a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer once every two months Humidity: Very adaptive to dry and humid condition; temperature between 80 to 85 degrees in summer and not less than 60 degrees in the winter