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Anthurium Samora

Anthurium Samora

Category: Indoor Flowering Plants

Tag: New Arrival, Weddings, Birthdays, Special Occasions, Achievements, Anniversaries

    • NPR 1800
    • (Including Tax)

Pot Size: 12cm

Height: 35cm

This one’s a sophisticated beauty! Anthurium Samora has the perfect glossy white flowers and glossy dark green leaves. A long lasting option and the bright white color is set to brighten up any space.

Plant Care Tips:

Watering :
Summer: once a week
Winter: once in 12 days
Light: bright, indirect light
Soil: well-draining potting mix soil
Fertilizer: For blossoms use high phosphorus and potassium fertilizer and on other days use balanced water-soluble fertilizer
Humidity: 50 percent or more.