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Hoya krimson queen

Hoya krimson queen

Category: Hanging Plants

Tag: Special Occasions

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Ttivation for more than 200 years and is a plant to watch for as each flower looks like a five-pointed star. The Hoya carnosa Krimson queen is a crowd pleaser! known for its attractive glossy foliage, and sweetly scented flesh; its cultured flowers resemble a wax so much that you almost make it into candles. Pot size is 9 cm.

Plant Care

Light: Prefer bright but indirect light 

Water: Wait until the soil has practically dried out and then water well

Soil: Needs to be fertile and well drained where there is no water logging. Fertile soil rich in humus can be prepared using a mixture of cocopeats, garden Soil, vermiculite, perlite and composts.

Fertilizer: Light feeder and requires little amount of Fertilizer. A light solution of balanced, water-soluble houseplant fertilizer is sufficient 

Humidity: Basic household humidity  (18.3°C – 26.7°C )