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Areca Palm

Areca Palm

Category: Indoor Plants

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    • NPR 1500
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Pot Size: Growing Pot 21 cm

Height: 2ft

The Dypsis Lutescens also known as “Areca Palm” is a beautiful indoor houseplant. It is categorized by its lush narrow and full fronds that are compactly arranged together along the lines of the stems. With the satisfactory visual experience, the Areca Palm is also well known for purifying air toxins and humidifying the dry air. An added appeal is they are non-toxic for pets and children alike!


Plant Care

Light: Thrives in  bright indirect light

Water: Let the soil be just moist. Avoid overwatering!

Soil:  Needs to be well drained and fertile

Fertilizer: Feed monthly with an organic and balanced liquid fertilizer. Fertilizers are not recommended if the plant shows no active growth.

Humidity: High humidity is essential