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Meet our 5 best office plants to boost productivity and beautify your workspace.

5 Best Plants for Your Workspace

Make your workspace a lively and happier place just by adding plants! 

Beautifying an office with plants is an excellent way to freshen a dull and boring space. They not only instantly beautify a space but also improves your mood, productivity, and well-being

But finding the right office plants can be challenging- even more challenging than dealing with tight deadlines. But don’t worry! We’re here to help you!

Below we have listed our 5 best plants for your workspace which are low-maintenance so that you can work without bothering about their daily care. Moreover, these plants are also ideal choices for corporate gifting. 

Snake Plant: 

Snake plant is popularly known for its air-purifying quality and is believed to bring good energy to any space. Their green, upright, and sword-shaped leaves resemble the skin of a snake- adding a touch of elegance and modernity to your workspace.

They often have variegated foliage and come in different sizes, from several feet high to a few inches (Dwarf snake plant). So, whether you’re looking to decorate a corner or desk, they make a great choice. 

You only need to water them once a week. Even if you forget to water, don’t worry! These bold plants are drought-tolerant and can remain healthy for up to two weeks without water.

  • ZZ Plant:

ZZ plant is one of the new trending indoor plants, which is also a happy plant for offices with low light and shady spaces. Their deep green and shiny leaves on upright stems are eye-catching and often mistaken as artificial. To highlight their stunning leaves, place them in a room with white or light-colored walls. 

They are reputed as hard-to-kill plants, usually requiring water once the soil has completely dried out. A true gem for workaholics who often forget to water their plants.

Bird's Nest Fern:

Bird’s Nest Ferns are popular indoor ferns with glossy bright green and wavy edges. Their fronds rise from a central rosette, resembling a bird’s nest. These beautiful ferns perfectly add a vibrant pop of green and tropical vibes to your workspace. 

Spruce up your office entrance by keeping them near doors in standing planters. Try to keep the soil moist.


If you’re looking for some little desk mates, succulents are perfect for you. They are a beautiful distraction! Research shows that a short break between work can prevent stress - take a break to appreciate the plants around you. 

Succulents are extremely drought tolerant and only need watering when the soil gets bone dry. We offer a variety of succulents, like the Jade Plant, Crassula Ovata, and Haworthia, which are popular selections for desk plants.


Pothos are commonly seen in most offices. They are the most common easy-going plants that need water only when the soil dries out. These trailing plants have waxy green heart-shaped leaves and also come in different varieties. 

Rare varieties of Pothos, such as Neon pothos, Satin pothos, and Manjula pothos are great for adding exotic vibes to your workspace. These dangling plants look best in hanging baskets near windows, in a conference room corner, or on filing cabinets.


Snake plant, ZZ plant, Bird’s Nest Ferns, Succulents, and Pothos are our top 5 picks for office plants. These plants are easy to take care of as they are low-light and drought tolerant. In addition to beautifying your workspace, they also act as a mood booster for your team.