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Simply keeping indoor plants in your workspace can boost productivity, improve health, and even improve your mood quickly!

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Indoor Plants for Your Workspace

Has your workplace started to look outdated and dull? Are you feeling unproductive as a result?

Adding a little touch of nature to your workspace can fix that, making it a lively and happier place to work. Whether you work at the office or remotely, undoubtedly we all need a happy workspace. 

Indoor plants not only beautify your space but can also bring positive impacts on your daily work routine. Many scientific studies have shown keeping plants in the office can provide physical and mental health benefits, from purifying the air to boosting your productivity by 15%. 

Creating a lively and healthier office is as simple as keeping little cacti or succulents on your working desk. Here are the 5 reasons why you should get indoor plants for your workspace. 

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  • Enhance the overall appearance of your workspace

Most workplaces lack the nurturing touch of nature, they tend to have boring walls and desks. Your workplace should be a place where you and your colleagues enjoy working. 

Bringing plants into the office is a beautiful way to brighten up your work environment. Mix and match the different varieties of indoor plants with unique foliage and shades of green, and display them in stylish and colorful pots. It's a fun process! 

Beginners can start with trendy Low-maintenance indoor plants like the Snake plant, Pothos, ZZ plant, Ficus, or Monstera. Plants not only enhance the overall appearance of your office but also makes it likable and nurturing to your visitors. 

Boost your productivity and creativity by 15%

According to the research conducted by Exeter University, workplaces filled with plants help to boost employees' productivity by 15%. The study says, adding plants in the workplace makes you happier and works better because of an innate desire called Biophilia - a human instinct to connect with the natural world. 

Also, as per The 2015 Human Spaces report, employees working in spaces with plants scored 15% higher for creativity than those who didn't have plants in their workspace. 

But it's important to place a plant on the spot which can be easily seen from your desk so that you can psychologically engage with it. However, we recommend keeping at least one best office plant such as lucky bamboo, snake plant, Jade plant, etc on your desk. 

  • Reduce stress levels and boost mood

We believe plants make the best co-workers with whom you'll enjoy working. Due to our strong connection with nature, caring for or just the presence of plants calms the mind, increases positive emotions, and makes the mood better. 

Attention restoration theory (ART) suggests spending more time in nature and incorporating natural settings like plants in the workplace and colleges. As they help to aid in recovering from workplace stress and burnout, making employees feel relaxed and improving their ability to concentrate. 

Therefore, decorating offices with plants is an easy way to bring nature inside and make your workspace peaceful and enjoyable. 

  • Helps to improve indoor air quality

We spent most of our time at the office and still we neglect the quality of indoor air. Maintaining healthy indoor air quality should be a top priority as poor air quality can cause many health issues such as airborne allergies and asthma. 

And, air-purifying indoor plants are the best choice to purify the air, they lessen allergies and other health issues by releasing oxygen and adding moisture to the air. 

In NASA Clean Air Study 1989, it was found that some indoor plants are effective in eliminating indoor pollutants such as carbon monoxide, trichloroethylene, benzene, and formaldehyde. 

Some of the most effective air-purifying indoor plants recommended by NASA include Spider plants, English Ivy, Peace lilies, Snake plants, and Pothos. These plants are also ideal to keep in any corner of your office or on the desk as they don’t need large sunny windows and can easily thrive in low light.

  • Helps in maintaining a healthy routine 

Heavy workload or tight deadlines may often make you forget to look after yourself at work, but plants will always be there to remind you. In addition to health benefits, engaging with plants helps you in maintaining a healthy routine at work. 

Small actions like watering, wiping leaves, talking with your favorite plant, or just simply looking at them gives you a daily screen time break. They also act as a reminder to stay hydrated, get fresh air, and maintain a healthy self-care routine. 


Working with plants and taking care of them is therapeutic. It helps in boosting productivity and creativity, relieves stress and boosts mood, improves indoor air quality, and even helps in maintaining a healthy routine. 

Some of our best picks for office plants are Snake plant, Pothos, Peace lilies, ZZ plant, Lucky bamboo, Jade plant, and Anthurium. They brighten up your office spaces and also enhance your well-being.