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Some fantastic winter care tips for your indoor plants

Caring Indoor Plants For Winter!

How to care for Indoor plants in winter?

As the seasons change outside, your plant's care schedule also needs to change. We all know that in the winter season it is difficult to keep your houseplants healthy and alive. So, we are here to share some suggestions on how to save your houseplants in winter.


In the winter month, we all know that the days become short and at that time it’s hard to get sufficient light. 

Just like people, plants also need light. Move your plant closer to the windows (not in the direct sunlight) or to the side where they are likely to receive enough light. 

Water and fertilizer

Winter months typically mean cold weather, lower temperatures, and shorter days. Plants are in their resting period. It is a period of slow growth and slow growth means plants need less water and fertilizer in the winter season. Follow this simple rule: only water when you dip your fingers into the soil and it feels dried out.


In the winter months, you need to prune. It’s time to prune your plants but it depends on the types of plants you have. If you’ve succulents then you don't need to prune much. If you see yellow leaves and flowers you need to prune.


                    It’s time to prune


During the winter months, lack of sunlight and increase of heat from heaters can lead to pests. So you need to check your plants on a daily basis. 

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