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Check out these amazing ways of taking care for cacti.

How Should You Care for Cacti?

If anybody told you that it’s impossible to kill a cactus or they never die, they were wrong. But just a little observation and care regarding light, temperature, and water will ensure their growth in your home for years and years. For those people who are into cacti or are new to cacti but don’t know how to care, here are some suggestions on growing happy and healthy cacti.

How much light to give your cacti

Many people who are new to cacti don't know how much light it needs. It’s easy to remember, ``Oh, it’s a desert plant, I'll give it lots or tons of light !”.

Well, cacti need between 10-14 hours of daylight. However, there are a lot of things that determine how much light you should give to cacti! Is it natural or artificial light? Is it direct or indirect light? 

Firstly, you should know that your cacti like full sun, full shade, or indirect light. If you are still confused then you can assume that it is a full sun plant. By the way, most cacti are!

Have you ever been curious about why people can’t leave the light on 24 hours a day?

Well, just like people, plants need rest too! Especially for desert plants. Most of the plants, only make their food at night. Without the dark, they would die!

Feeding your cacti

People mostly think it’s a desert plant so it doesn't need to be fed but they are wrong. You need to feed them. Feeding your cacti is the most important part of promoting healthy growth.

Indoor loving cacti 

Some cacti happily grow inside the house, if given a window spot or a very bright light spot. Christmas cactus & mammillaria gracilis are good choices for inside the house.

Maintain the water level

Many cacti can easily adapt to desert environments and will survive on little or minimal water. However, the right watered cacti will look much healthier than the dry one. Water the cacti every two weeks during the summer months to keep them healthy/moisturized.

Check the drain hole

A good drainage hole is key to keeping your cacti healthy. Make sure your desired pot has passable drainage holes, otherwise your plant will die. It will not survive without drainage holes in the pot.

Choose the potting mix

The potting mix you used for cacti must be porous and free drainage. Cacti don’t like overwatering/wetting!

We hope this blog was helpful to anyone who is thinking about purchasing cacti or who already has cacti. Let us know by messaging us on our Facebook/Instagram pages.


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Aruna Lama is a member of Research and Development at I Am The Gardener. A plant enthusiast, she loves to get lost in the world of plants.