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Ever wondered if plants make a great wedding gift? Let's discuss!

Plants as a Meaningful Wedding Gift!

Wedding season in Nepal is here, and choosing the perfect gift for the newlyweds can be tricky. When it comes to wedding gifts, plants are rarely considered. While most of us get deeply intimidated by the prospect of plant care, the reality is that simple care requires a splash of water and enough indirect light. If you really think, plants make great wedding gifts because of their simplicity, steady growth, and relatively low-maintaining qualities. A simple and elegant plant naturally brings charm, joy, and liveliness to a home. 

Check out these five easy to care and meaningful wedding plants that newlyweds will surely cherish! 


Colorful, heart-shaped leaves and exotic-looking blooms make it a perfect gift for weddings. A symbol for sustainability and good luck, gifting this to the newlyweds means wishing them joy and happiness for their next chapter in life. Easy to care for, its long-lasting blooms can bring happiness and cozyness all year long!



Found in varieties of striking patterns and luscious foliages, Calathea symbolizes passion and pure love. Stunning, bold and beautiful, Calathea is the perfect wedding plant for newly weds who are equally loving and passionate about each other. 



Monstera, known for its broad and wide green leaves is sure to win the hearts of newly weds. Symbolically, Monstera prepares us to survive the tough times, as the holes in their leaves save the plant from breaking from rainfall and heavy winds. Thus, Monstera as a gift will remind newly weds to be there for each other for life! 


Zamioculcas Zamiifolia:

One of the most attractive houseplants, Zamioculcas Zamiifolia symbolizes encouragement to move forward in life with resolve. Easy to care for, ZZ grows stunningly and effortlessly, thus making it a perfect gift for newly weds who want stability and growth in their relationship.


Ficus Elastica:

Elegant and easy to care for, Ficus Elastica is known for its leathery leaves mostly found in green, black-reddish colors and in variegated types. It symbolizes abundance and good fortune in one’s life. Gift this plant to the newly weds and wish them happiness and healthy life ahead.

Ficas Elastica

Next time you are invited to a wedding and all confused about what to gift, consider gifting a plant because what plants in return give is tranquility and ambience to homes of newlyweds, a calm reminder for them to slow down, and a reminder for them to appreciate small things.

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